The Best Cell Phone Holder

The Best Cell Phone Holder For Boats

Our goal was to build an easy-to-use, boat phone holder. We wanted our cell phone holder to have a secure Hold and Fast access to our cell phone and be able to take advantage of the rich experience that boating & fishing provide.

Too often, we found our cell phone in the cup holder, right where our drinks should be.  Or in the cubby, doing nothing but rattling around.  Or in our pocket.  Or worse yet….

With our adjustable cell phone holder for boats, your cell phone is always right where you want it.  Send a quick message, change your tunes, or turn on the selfie mode and hit record to capture important moments!  We have you covered!

The cell phone holder has dual adjustability.  You can adjust the strap to fit almost any pole and adjust the phone holder to fit most cell phone cases and cell phone brands. 

No tools are needed for this easy-to-install boat cell phone holder and has no pieces to rust. Each cell phone holder has two heavy-duty Velcro straps to secure most round poles.  Slip the cell phone in or out of the phone holder.   Slip out, use it, and slip it back when we are done, all with 1 hand.

Though HoldFastPro was born while creating the best cell phone holder for boats, we have found endless possibilities to secure our adjustable cell phone holder too! 

Perfect for being on the water!