How To Use The Best Cell Phone Holder - No Tools Needed

See how to use the best cell phone holder for the boat or umbrella.

The cell phone holder has dual adjustability.  You can adjust the strap to fit almost any pole and adjust the phone holder to fit most cell phone cases and cell phone brands. 

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Why we have the best cell phone holder:

  • Each cell phone holder has a non-slip backing and cinch strap system making it easy to attach to multiple tube sizes, eliminating the need to use your cupholder storage for your cell phone!
  • Easy-to-use cell phone holder for your boat, beach umbrella, gym equipment, or even at the ball field…the options are endless. Designed with the weather, especially saltwater, in mind!
  • Two-piece molded injection cell phone holder design with no metal parts means there is nothing on our product that will rust.
  • Our phone holder allows you to use your screen while in stow and charge on the go. No need to bring a selfie stick! Set the timer and say cheese! Or you can start recording and capture all the fun!
  • One-handed operation! Once the adjustable cell phone holder is adjusted for your cell phone, its as easy as place and go!

*Don't adjust the strap or phone holder while the phone is in the holder itself.